10 Common Blocks in Life’s Journey

10 Common Blocks in Life’s Journey

LIFE IS A FANTASTIC JOURNEY but at some stage, you hit a block in the road.  You know you want to be at a different place on your journey, but the thought of moving forward from point A to point B past the block leaves you confused, daunted and overwhelmed.   You may not be aware of what the block is, why it’s there or how to move round it.   What is it that’s stopping you from moving forward towards the next goal, to being a better version of you?

I know exactly how you feel.  I’ve had my own blocks in my journey to negotiate and overcome, so I understand completely how unfulfilled you can feel by never moving forward, but  more importantly, I know how to move past the blocks positively and with passion.  Just winging it through life isn’t enough!

Having a clearly defined vision of where we want to be or what we want to achieve is vital in its success.  Being able to visualise the end result with all our senses whilst making it very personal to you, will help make it real and easier to strive for.  In working towards our goal, we use stepping-stones (you can think of them as mini-goals) which keep us on the right course of action and the number of stepping stones is dependent on the goal.  But why do so many of us fail to achieve our goals?

We each have our own blocks that we encounter on our journey; they are as specific to each of us as are the varied reasons we have them. Easier said than done I know, but with positive understanding and support, they can be overcome.  Below are my top 10 blocks that I come across:

  • Accept responsibility for your life – accept full and unconditional responsibility for your life, choices, actions, and the subsequent consequences (good and bad)
  • Fear of failure – failure is part of the learning journey and remember success is NOT measured in failing, success is measured in persevering
  • Fear of criticism – Fear of what others might say or think can stop us in our tracks. Understandably they may wish to protect you from failure.  Remember, they are not travelling your journey so keep setting goals that drive you forward
  • Not knowing what our own core values are – any goals we try to set which are not in-line with our values, will not work
  • Not acknowledging our strengths – It’s important to know and accept our strengths and how we can utilise those in achieving our goals
  • Not asking for help – this is a BIG one! We need to get passed the idea it is a sign of weakness…it’s only ever a sign of strength and commitment to improving yourself
  • Self-limiting beliefs – Allowing these to dominate our thinking and reasoning will stall your forward progression.  Really challenge yourself on the a) why do I think that b) where did that originate c) what do I believe will happen and d) the positives that COULD happen if you allow them
  • Listening to our negative inner critic / negative self-talk – our inner chatterbox can be a noisy negative ninny.  Develop ways that work for you to flip that self-talk into a positive pick me-up
  • Unrealistic goals – Remember the SMART goals in last month’s newsletter and use these with each goal
  • Unrealistic expectations – Setting and managing the expectations of ourselves and of others is an important action

Any of these blocks sound/feel familiar?  They are indeed a challenge, but ones that with proper understanding, self-reflection and self-investigation, are merely small speed bumps on your journey forward.  So take the STOP sign down, the road is clear and the rest of your journey awaits.

Please feel free to contact me for a chat about the blocks you may be experiencing in your life and how we can turn them into minor speed bumps.



The Charms of Childhood, the Masters of Life

The Charms of Childhood, the Masters of Life

We all remember those endless summers of childhood and winters of snowmen and snowball fights.  Kid filled days of wonder, excitement, challenges, and laughter.  We learned and experienced more from our childhood that we will ever remember, so when did it all stop?

Being a grown up is often a stressful, lonely place; full of responsibility and pressure.  Despite working in huge offices full of others (who may be equally as stressed), we somehow manage to miss the opportunities to collaborate, communicate and be creative.  Yet, there are a special group of individuals, who despite everything going on in their lives, manage to hold on to their confidence, individuality, creative flair and embrace all of life’s opportunities.

So, who are these super-beings, these oh-so-sure-of themselves high flyers, these smarty pants of life…well, KIDS of course!  What makes them so powerful and why should we take lessons from them into our own lives?  In a nutshell, kids are instinctive, intuitive and have a never-ending ability to give of themselves.  Is it time we sat up and learned from the masters of life?

Here are my top 5 super-powers kids possess that I think we should use more in our own lives.

  1. Live in The Moment

Kids don’t consider their past or their future, they wholeheartedly embrace each moment as it arises.  They can embrace each situation with gusto and focus on what needs to be achieved.  They understand the concept of ‘the time is now’.  They might not know the solution to the task (game), but it does not hinder their power to adapt and continue trying.  Kids also have a level of compassion that puts some of us grown-ups to shame.  Their level of inclusion, bringing others to share and experience that moment together, is truly to experience of living.

  1. Confidence and Individuality

Kids exude confidence from day one.  They are who they are, they don’t need to be like anyone else, they realise and accept that they are enough.  They completely embrace their own quirks, foibles and abilities; equally as important, they embrace those of others too.  Any doubt they may have is fleeting as they quickly assess, process, make decisions and draw on that confidence to their advantage.

  1. Effective Working Skills

We have all seen this in action!  Kids have a plethora of skills in their tool box that they can call upon at any time, with anyone, for anything.  They know how to get noticed quickly and taken seriously.  They can grab your attention with one word or action and hold that attention, you are then a captive audience to their objectives.  They learn what will work in each circumstance adapting as is necessary.  This flexibility and adaptability is key to success.

  1. Communication

Kids have a simple, quick, decisive yet effective communication style.  It’s to the point and wonderfully metaphoric.  They excel at getting their message across with the least amount of effort and time.  The other aspect about their communication style is that it’s full of emotion.  Kids are not shy at wearing their emotions on their sleeves, at putting themselves ‘out there’.  They cope admirably with both the joys and pitfalls of embracing emotions and feelings.  If they feel it, they say it.

  1. Fun

And here we have the sole purpose of being a kid.  Kids fully immerse themselves all aspects of their being in fun.  By this I mean their mental, physical and emotional selves, they hold nothing back and they definitely reap the well-being rewards.  We know they learn by playing, exploring, creating, and collaborating and  when the fun subsides, they instinctively know why, accept the situation for what it is, and move on to the next fun learning opportunity.

“Play is the highest form of research”…Albert Einstein

Here’s the thing, keeping in mind all 5 points above, we adults still learn in this same way too.  So why are we not thinking more child-like?  Ask yourself this next time you’re unsure of a situation… “how would a toddler approach this “or use a bit of reverse psychology on yourself and ask “if you did know, what would it be…you may surprise yourself.

Kids, really do have this grown-up thing sorted out.  Isn’t it time we took stock of what they are teaching us, embrace our inner child, have more fun with life and develop our own ‘super-powers of fun’?  What’s your super-power going to be today?