Coaching Expectations for you and the coach…

You’ve already recognised a need for change in some area(s) of your life and have the motivation and drive to work with a coach to make those changes happen.  But what should you expect of me, your coach…and what should your coach expect of you? It’s important you are aware of these BEFORE we start working together.

  • Primarily – trust, confidentiality, honesty, openness, friendliness & approachability are the essential qualities you will be looking for in your coach. Likewise, your coach will expect the same of you – if you’re not going to be open and honest with yourself about yourself, how can effective change be possible?
  • You should also expect commitment from the coach. Commitments that they will give their time and effort in helping you explore, plan & achieve the changes you desire.  As before, you will also need to commit yourself to the journey by putting the necessary time aside for each session as well as the tasks between sessions.  You commit to dedicating time, effort and honesty, working on becoming your best self.

Sessions and coaching will vary slightly from coach to coach and will be dependent on what your specific needs and desired outcomes are.  Below is a small insight into my process: –

  • Initial consultation: Some coaches call this a ‘discovery call’.  This is a free consultation either by phone or a meeting to ascertain how we might work together.  It gives both parties the opportunity to find out more about each other and whether we are a suitable match.
  • Appointments: These are carried out at a time and place to suit you, the coachee; whether that be in the home, at work, or in a quiet café over coffee; as long as you are in an environment where you feel relaxed, at ease and are happy to talk. After the initial consultation, sessions are booked in a block of 6, but can be more if necessary.  The first session is around one and a half hrs with each subsequent session being 1hr.  I follow the structure and competencies as laid out by the Association for Coaching as well as other techniques to help you explore, investigate and goal set.  We will structure the appointment frequency to suit the objectives set at each session.
  • Coaching agreement: It is important to set up a coaching agreement signed by both you and I.  It sets out the terms and conditions during the coaching process.  Once you have read the agreement, I am more than happy to discuss any queries you may have prior to signing.
  • Follow Up: After the coaching process is complete, I like to follow up with my clients a few months later to see how they are, what does life look like for them now and if there is anything else I can help with.  It’s an opportunity for you to tell of achievements, on-going goals, new challenges, how you feel, ask any questions etc.

It’s always a great privilege for me to be part of your journey and it’s important to know that it’s not only you, the coachee who is learning…I am also learning with you!  Learning never stops and we can all learn something from everyone.


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