Why you should consider coaching…

Hello and welcome. Yet again we’re asking the BIG question. The answer has so many positives but I’ll do my best not to ramble on too much.

The benefits of coaching are many and are far reaching. We each have points in our lives and jobs when:

  • we’re subject to feelings of overwhelm
  • we’re confused over where we are and what life really means to us
  • we have no clear focus on what we want, or how to get there
  • our confidence has been knocked and bouncing back seems a herculean task

What coaching brings is the space to spend dedicated time on yourself – investigating your options, clarifying, exploring, goal setting and planning. Let’s look at these a bit closer:

  • Commitment: Specific time set aside just for you with the support and encouragement of the coach
  • Options: Taking an honest look at where your life/job is now; what you wish to move away from and wish to move forward to
  • Clarify: The deep-seated reasons, emotions, feelings behind your desired moves … the how / what / why / when of your goals for a clearly defined way forward & what strategies and techniques will best suit your desired outcomes
  • Explore: Exploring your own self-awareness through reflection and action
  • Goals & Planning: Investigating all possible avenues as well as potential obstacles (i.e. lack of confidence, fear etc) with support from the coach using effective methods and strategies

What about financial considerations? YES, there is a price to pay but that’s the case with anything. If you have a leak you get a plumber in, the cars broken you need a mechanic, coaching is just the same, professional help to resolve a problem.  Ask yourself this – what are you worth? What is the price of your happiness, your well-being, your sense of achievement and purpose? What would it mean to take a pro-active approach to your challenges and overcome them?

Had I worked with a coach when I really needed help, I would have spent considerably less than the debt I built up trying to make myself feel better by recklessly spending on things i didn’t need just for the brief buzz and perceived uplift in my self esteem.

Life throws at us all it has; the good, the bad and the ugly, yet each event or set of circumstances do not define us or who we will become. It is up to us to make the change in our lives for the better and a good coach will make that change process a positive experience.



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