Just what is coaching…

Wow, we like asking the big questions here, I could go on and on with this question but I won’t; I promise to stay focussed and keep this to the point.

There are many definitions, but the International Coaching Federation defines coaching as

partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment

In layman’s terms, it’s about guiding the client so they can experience a non-judgmental space in which they can truly hear themselves plus allowing their thoughts and actions to flourish.

  • When was the last time YOU sat down and really thought about your life – what was happening, when, why, who?
  • When did you last reflect on YOUR own thoughts and behaviours – the good and the bad and how YOU would like to change?
  • Even figuring out what change is necessary in YOUR life and how exactly do YOU make that change happen is no easy task.

Phew…no wonder we all need coaching at times in our lives, there is a lot going on and getting help to work it out is invaluable.

Through coaching, we look at aspects such as realistic future goals (what you really want to be in time), self-identity, strengths, and self-limiting beliefs to name but a few.  Coaching will take you on a voyage of self-awareness, goal setting, positive outcomes and achievement whilst providing the support to allow you to acknowledge your own potential.

I must clarify that coaching is not mentoring, therapy, nor training, each is a different tool for differing needs in a person’s life.  In our consultation session, I’ll explain all these differences therefore enabling you to make a clear and informed decision.

Change is scary but it is also good, it’s exhilarating too and good coaching can help you prosper.


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