Let me introduce myself…

Hi there and thank you for taking the time to visit the website and coaching blog. 

 Who is the person behind the blog I hear you ask…who am I?  That’s a great question, and can be a very BIG question that I’ll be covering in the coming months as we reflect upon our own identity.  For the moment however let’s look at the simpler question…who is Mel, the person behind the blog?

 Well, despite my imaginary age still being in my 20’s, in reality I find myself a 40 something mum of 2 boys, a wife of 14 years (and I still forget our anniversary…); owner of Coco, a rather crazy and spoilt 6-year-old chocolate lab and last but in no way least, Abi, our petite and somewhat aloof 3-year-old cat.  I don’t take myself too seriously; there is always room in life for those self-effacing moments!

 Throughout my early years, I worked hard and played hard and experienced successful careers both within the global electronics industry, and in financial services.  I focused on people orientated roles either through relationship management or coaching, mentoring and training. 

 With the onset of motherhood, I suffered severely with post-natal depression and psychosis after both births and it took many years for my husband and I to fully recover from the debilitating effects of this illness.  Once I realised I was going to have to heal myself, I embraced the (at times) difficult prospect of change and embarked upon personal study of mental health, mindfulness and latterly, coaching. 

I re-trained as a coach with accredited trainers Coaching Direct based in Edinburgh using the Association for Coaching methods and competencies.  Now, I love helping others work through the challenges life puts in their path.  I am also very passionate about empowering women recovering from PND, as well as helping their partners understand the illness.

 Over the coming weeks and months in my blogs I’ll post about a variety of topics, self-reflection and hopefully provide interesting and informative posts that are jargon free and to the point.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions on the blogs, or if you wish to chat about how coaching can help you and/ or your staff.

 I look forward to working with you.



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